Robson Planning Group


There is no “right” answer to the financial challenges of the day, but there is an opportunity to reach beyond the obvious and elevate your perspective. Our clients and their families challenge us to raise the bar as we help them embark on a sustainable course toward their financial independence.

We embrace their passion for life by sharing our financial planning skill set and years of experience. We understand that individual priorities vary, but our desire to tirelessly serve clients’ needs never wavers.

Robson Planning Group strives to define our commitment to clients and the community through our actions, and we welcome the opportunity to provide financial planning advice. 

Robson Planning Group is built on the premise that our clients are our most valuable asset. We define our success by assisting you in pursuing your goals and we strive to elevate the meaning and purpose of planning by affording you the opportunity to experience it on an entirely new level.

Headquartered in Marietta, GA, Robson Planning Group boasts an infrastructure atypical in the independent space. With access to functional and support professionals, we have assembled a concierge team to assist our advisors in the execution of a full service solution for their clients. At Robson Planning Group we consider this investment in intellectual capital our greatest asset and a true differentiator as it represents the crux of our value proposition.