Retirement & Fringe Benefit Planning

One of the greatest challenges facing every generation is the increasing cost, complexity and achievability of retirement. Our firm utilizes an expansive number of available techniques and income modeling tools that help you determine how your actions can impact the goals you are attempting to reach during this meaningful phase of your life.

Because your investments and retirement are intrinsically related to one another, we provide complimentary modeling-similar to our investment analysis-to clearly illustrate where you stand, incorporating as many variables as you choose. We also address the opportunities of benefits analysis and mobility during your working years and how that can impact your retirement. In addition, we address the required distribution options and terms you need to be aware of, as well as the meaningful role that long-term planning can play in helping you sustain your income for life.

If you are a business owner, during this part of the planning process we will cover the parameters and opportunities for employee and executive compensation, deferred compensation plans and key employee incentives.

The second annual Lincoln Long LifeSM Survey1 found that respondents – affluent Americans in their sixties – feel they are well prepared for retirement. Despite this, however, survey respondents cite their greatest financial fears as outlasting their money, losing money or assets, loss of financial independence and being dependent on children or the state. Today, only 2% of Americans reach financial independence in their retirement years2. Our retirement planning services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Retirement income modeling
  • Benefits analysis
  • Distribution options

1 Lincoln Long LifeSM Survey, 2005

2 Building Wealth with Mutual Funds, John H. Taylor, Published by Windsor Books.